Glutathione is called the Master Antioxidant because it boosts the immune system as it removes excess free radicals thus gives resistance in fighting common diseases and even cancer. It binds toxins that accumulate in the body and lets its get expelled thru urine and waste. What makes glutathione more famous is its positive side effects on the skin. Glutathione when taken orally with Vitamin C, can whiten the skin, reduce acne or pimples and other skin blemishes --- resulting to flawless, radiant and youthful looking skin. Taking glutathione via INTRAVENOUS (IV) INJECTION is designed for a person who doesn’t want to take glutathione orally. The procedure is non-invasive, involves injection of pure injectable 600-mg. glutathione (dissolved with 4 ml distilled water) via intravenous route. It is a no downtime procedure.It only takes 30 minutes or less to perform the procedure and you can go back to your usual activities after the session. The effects of injectable glutathione are a lot faster compared to the oral one. If your objective is skin whitening, at least 5 to 10 sessions is recommended. But it still depends on your original skin tone.Some patients report that results can be seen in just two weeks. One ampoule of injectable glutathione is equivalent to 1 session and should be administered with one or two weeks interval. Others do it after every 3 days. When you have achieved your desired skin color, maintenance treatment is recommended.