Hymenoplasty or Hymen repair surgery has been gaining popularity in the last few years as more and more women opt to get the surgery for ethnic, cultural, religious, and other more personal reasons and goals. It essentially tightens the vagina that has become loose, slack, or stretched open, and restores it to its original state and appearance. No matter the motivation, Hymenoplasty surgery is delicate in nature and thus, should be performed by an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Are you considering undergoing Hymenoplasty? Or perhaps you are doing the research for a family member or a friend? We’ve got you covered. Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery offers Hymenoplasty in the Philippines and has worked with many women clients throughout the years to undergo this procedure in a safe and secure manner.

What is Hymenoplasty and why do people get it?

Hymenoplasty in the Philippines (also called Hymen Repair Surgery), is a surgical procedure in which the anatomy of a woman’s hymen is restored back to its original tightened and enclosed state. The hymen is a ring-like skin membrane that sits in the lower third of the vagina, which partially seals the opening. Most often, there is a 5 to 6 pointed star opening in the hymen after maturity. The opening stays that way unless otherwise changed by any action or circumstance that tears or breaks the hymen and possibly leads to laxit

The most common cause of tearing in the hymen is from intercourse but other non-sexual activities such as sports, exercising, athletics, dancing, and other accidents can also contribute. The movements made can stretch the tissues in the vagina as well as separate the muscles which causes the opening to become loose. Most often there is pain and bleeding at the time of the tearing, but in some cases, there is none and some women actually do not even know their hymen has been ruptured.

The Benefits and Advantages of Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty in the Philippines has been gaining traction in social media and other media platforms especially in the past years. Despite its rather delicate nature, there are more people talking about it online, albeit still with more caution than normally given, and understandably so. Nevertheless, the benefits it provides women, and to a certain extent, other people in their lives, is enough reason to understand its popularity.

  • Caters to different goals. Goals for Hymenoplasty in the Philippines differ, depending on the clients individual backgrounds. A significant number of candidates get the procedure to improve or even restore their sexual pursuits while others get this revirginazation surgery to simply feel young once again. Others aim for revirgination in lieu of religious, ethnic, and cultural reasons. Having an intact hymen has certain symbolisms or significant meanings for certain cultures, and in other cases, is a requirement for marriage. Finally, some women do it for psychological recovery and healing, particularly with accounts of accidents and other unwanted occurrences.
  • Safe, guaranteed, and effective procedure. This factor is certainly dependent on the surgeon you have; but once you secure a trained and skilled expert, Hymenoplasty surgery is safe, has a high success rate (especially with Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery), and offers relatively quick results ensuring a natural appearance in the hymen upon recovery.
  • Ideal candidates for Hymenoplasty

    An important fact to note in hymen repair surgery is that it is not for every woman client. Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo, our surgeons at Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery, require consultations with our clients to make sure of their fit for the surgery, physically and mentally. If you would like to undergo Hymenoplasty in the Philippines, here is some basic information on ideal candidates. You must:

  • Be a woman who has tears in their hymen and needs and wants to tighten it more or once again for religious, cultural, psychological, visual, and other personal reasons.
  • Possess good health and have no serious illness or ailment.
  • Be a non-smoker or be willing to refrain from smoking before the procedure.
  • Have trust and a positive outlook towards the surgery.
  • Risks and Safety

    Hymenoplasty is a guaranteed safe and secure surgical procedure. In some cases, women do not experience pain at all. Long-term and serious side effects are rare and can easily be remedied by our expert doctors. We will only move forward with the procedure once the doctors have explained the risks and once we have gotten a written consent. The risks include:

  • Temporary and occasional pain and itching around the area
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Vaginal discharge after surgery

  • Confidentiality

    As we have consistently emphasized, despite the popularity of Hymenoplasty surgery, it is still a socially delicate procedure and some clients might want to keep things confidential. All surgeries in the clinic are kept confidential and the doctors will personally coordinate with the patients with any concerns they have in regards to confidentiality.

    The Hymenoplasty Surgery

    Hymenoplasty is performed in the Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery clinic, a well-maintained and licensed facility with top-shape equipment, clean space and calming ambiance, and competent staff. The surgery is performed by Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo, as an outpatient procedure.


    In preparation for the surgery, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Take certain medications or make adjustments in cases you already have one
  • Refrain from smoking days before the surgery
  • Avoid intake of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements
  • Trim or shave pubic hair
  • The Surgery

    Hymenoplasty surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Dissolvable stitches will be used to reconnect the skin membrane that once partially covered the opening of the vagina. These sutures heals the membrane and leads to regrowth of tissues, closing and even tightening the opening, ultimately bringing back the original physical state of the hymen of a star-shaped ring. Tissue dissection will be applied to prevent small blood vessels from bleeding. Hymenoplasty in the Philippines is performed under local anesthetic with or without sedation, as an outpatient procedure. Length of the procedure lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Recovery and Recuperation

    Recovery time usually takes about 6 weeks. For better and healthier healing, take note of the following information about what to expect, what to do next, and how to do recovery the right way.

  • You can go home immediately after the surgery. Resumption of normal activity is immediate.
  • Expect soreness and swelling in the operated areas but it will subside gradually within the next few weeks. Spotting can also occur but it usually halts in a few days. Medications for 5 days will be prescribed to you.
  • Gently wash the treatment area using mild soap and water regularly. Observe proper hygiene at all times.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and activities, especially sex, for a few weeks until the operated area has fully healed. Subsequent sex will tear the membrane causing extreme pain and possibly blood loss.
  • What results can be expected by clients?

    Downtime usually takes 6 weeks with Hymenoplasty surgery. Once healing is done, one can expect an intact and naturally looking hymen, indeed mirroring its original physical appearance and state. If a client engages in intercourse (after observing the recommended duration for abstinence), the hymen essentially tears again and some pain is felt and bleeding occurs like it was during the “first time”.

    Before and After (Illustration)