Alonzo Cosmetics Surgery Clinic is one of the most respected clinics and institutions in the Philippines in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, and it would not be so without the leadership and expertise of our doctors, and two of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines, Dr. Benjamin Alonzo, and Dr. Benz Alonzo. As medical professionals, both have undergone formal education and training. As father and son, they share not only the dedication towards cosmetic surgery as a science but also dedication towards service and building trust with their clients in every procedure they perform. For our doctors and the whole Alonzo Cosmetics Surgery Clinic, our niche is more than just successfully performing surgeries but about working with different people in realizing a new version of themselves, pursuing their happiness unapologetically, and healing through confidence. Know more about our doctors below.

Dr. Benjamin Alonzo


Dr. Benjamin Alonzo is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines, sought-after and well-respected from his many successful years in the field. In pursuit of enhancing and perfecting his craft, he has undergone years of top-quality education and specialized training from esteemed institutions here and abroad, has actively taken part and contributed to a multitude of seminars and conventions, and has rendered his service to several distinguished clinics. Dr. Benjamin Alonzo is likewise an active member and dedicated officer for numerous well-established organizations and associations in the field. He is a multi-awarded cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines and is well-recognized as a competent leader and generous volunteer as well. Years of these endeavors and engagements have allowed Dr. Benjamin Alonzo to learn and establish a fundamental set of knowledge and skills as a medical professional, expanded his networks and connections in such a relatively small but competitive industry, and most importantly, have made him a visionary, open towards new developments and innovation, especially crucial in the field of beauty and aesthetics. During all those years practicing in the field, Dr. Benjamin Alonzo has become one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines; but he has also realized a new calling: to set up his very own cosmetics surgery clinic and be of service more directly to clients. Thus, BEAUFACES came to be and has since become one of the most respected clinics of its kind here in the country. The clinic, in existence since 1987, has rendered the best of service, catering to clients from different lifestyles, professions, and places – even clients from abroad. Through the leadership of Dr. Benjamin Alonzo, the clinic’s management, and the hard-working staff, the clinic accumulated a strong history of successful operations and a long list of satisfied customers. Indeed, with more than 30 years of combined education, training, and practice, Dr. Alonzo has made a name and gained his stature in the world of cosmetic surgery as one of the “Masters” of this science and craft. To know more about Dr. Alonzo and his accomplishments, click here.

Dr. Benz Alonzo


As the only son of Dr. Benjamin Alonzo, Dr. Benz Alonzo is on his way to carving his path as a leading next-generation cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines. He is polished to carry on the legacy of BEAUFACES clinic, now under its version 2.0 under the name of ALONZO COSMETICS SURGERY, surely continuing the 3-decade-long success and service of the clinic. Dr. Benz Alonzo was exposed to the medical field and industry of aesthetics at a very young age and has been impressively assisting in the clinic ever since. It was not a big surprise when years later he decided to align his education towards eventually pursuing a path in the medical and aesthetic field. Dr. Benz Alonzo received his medical training at the University of the East – Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center and underwent formal training in the field of aesthetic surgery at the Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute. Now he is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgery Fellow. Mentored by his father, his knowledge and love of cosmetic surgery and commitment to grow as a highly-competent cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines evolved further. “At first I thought that I wanted more than just the aesthetic field. In my mind, I always wanted to heal people through surgery. I wanted more than just aesthetics. But throughout the time I was assisting my Dad in our clinic, I saw the reaction of our patients, seeing them smile and gain more confidence after the procedure. I started to appreciate what cosmetic surgery can bring to people. As doctors, we are expected to heal. In this field, we heal through confidence. I came to realize that God put me on this path. His purpose for me is to be a blessing to others by enhancing beauty and confidence. I love my craft and I will keep on moving forward to increase my knowledge and skills to perfect this for others.” Dr. Benz Alonzo shares. Indeed, his addition to the Alonzo Cosmetics Surgery clinic will be sure to bring the renowned beauty institution to new heights. Guided by a fresh set of dedication, knowledge, and prowess as a next-generation cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines, Dr. Benz Alonzo’s career in the next years - and even decades - will undeniably be a promising journey.