Circumcision, commonly known as “Tulì” is a long-standing Filipino tradition for boys. It’s a procedure of removing or reducing a portion of the penile foreskin. It’s considered as a rite of passage and a major step towards adulthood within the Filipino culture. Unfortunately, there are still a lot who undergo circumcision the traditional way (“albularyo method), which leads to infection or improper healing. Our clinic offers a safe and comfortable environment for boys (soon to be men) to undergo circumcision the proper way. We ensure a better surgical method to reduce foreskin, which prioritizes sterility and aesthetic results. Adult circumcision is surprisingly common in our society. Reasons for this are:

  • Lack of foreskin reduction due to traditional method
  • Further removing remaining foreskin (wanting a “German” cut style)
  • Unaesthetic results from first circumcision
  • Late circumcision due to no opportunities during childhood
  • There is no shame in adult circumcision and we welcome those who want to perform the surgery. Similar to above, we ensure a safe and comfortable environment for men to undergo circumcision, prioritizing sterility and aesthetic results.

    Post Surgery Recovery

    Circumcision is a minor procedure. You can go back to school or work after a few days, but avoid engaging in strenuous activities like sports and exercise for at least a month. Sex can be resumed after a month for adult circumcision. Expect inflammation of the penile area, which will resolve eventually within a week. Risks may include bleeding, infection on the wound site or delayed wound healing. If you will follow your surgeon’s instructions those risks can be avoided. For a speedy and healthy recovery, discuss all your concerns with Dr. Alonzo during your initial consultation and follow all his instructions from your pre-surgery to post surgery care. We guarantee that every consultation is strictly confidential.