Despite the advent of thick, plump, and luscious lips today, it isn’t a feature that can or will magically suit every individual on earth. Some people look and feel better with having full lips, perhaps appearing visually closer to their celebrity idols or favorite reality tv stars, but others can actually look more attractive and appealing with thin lips. Also, in some cases where the lips take on more volume than usual, getting too large or protruding, this supposedly trendy facial feature becomes more bothersome than anything else, physically and also aesthetically. Facial features don’t exist in a vacuum. Aesthetically speaking, the lips, eyes, nose, ears, chin and even jaw should complement each other to achieve facial balance and improve the visual appeal of the facial profile. If one asset stands out too much or is overpowered by the others, it can be a major distraction and disturbs the symmetry of the face. Whether you are bothered with your enlarged lips or you simply see its fit to your aesthetic goals, Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery has got you covered with one of our best facial surgeries, lip reduction in the Philippines!

What is Lip Reduction?

Lip Reduction is a cosmetic procedure that reduces big and oversized lips to achieve a perfect volume, enhance its appearance, and contribute to facial harmony. It is performed by removing excess skin and tissues from the lower lip, upper lip, or both, ultimately improving and reshaping the entire lip profile. Possessing large lips could either be from genetics or ethnic factors, but there are also many clients who suffer from a “botched” lip augmentation after going to an unskilled and unqualified doctor. Undergoing lip reduction surgery solves these cases and clients can be sure that the normal functioning of their lips will be maintained, even with the new and better appearance.

What are the benefits of Lip Reduction?

Lip reduction is a face enhancement procedure highly sought after both by men and women clients. It is not only a client-friendly procedure but also very effective and yields impressive results.

  • Easy, Efficient, and Effective Lip Reduction surgery is a safe and quick surgical procedure to perform, especially when conducted by qualified medical professionals. The functioning of lips is not compromised in any way as soon as healing finalizes and recovery is not too long nor too tedious. Results are also achieved almost immediately.
  • Improves aesthetic appeal and balance. The facial enhancement procedure reshapes the lips and gives it a new stunning look. Surgeons make sure that the changes match the rest of the face and thoroughly improve facial proportions and promise clients a virtually permanent makeover from the natural-looking and long-lasting results.
  • Offers physical and emotional healing. Most of our clients have expressed how much the surgery has helped to regain their confidence from the striking aesthetic results of lip reduction surgery. It did only improve their appearance but also helped them resolve insecurities which often resulted in emotional challenges.
  • Candidates for Lip Reduction

    Despite the various benefits, lip reduction, much like any cosmetic procedure, has limitations in the clients it can be performed on. Interested clients will greatly benefit from conducting their independent research to gauge their willingness and preparedness. You may also book a consultation with our expert doctors, Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo to discuss your goals and expectations and overall fit for the procedure in detail. If you are interested to get Lip Reduction in the Philippines, please be informed that candidates must:

  • Have disproportionately protruding or thick lips (lower or upper) from ethnic or genetic factors as well as from poorly performed lip augmentation procedure
  • Be healthy, ideally with average weight, and not suffering from mouth infections and inflammatory diseases
  • Abstain from or avoid smoking, as much as possible, before and after surgery
  • Bring in realistic expectations and goals
  • Risk and Safety

    As a relatively easy procedure, lip reduction surgery does not pose serious complications. Mild swelling, pain, and bleeding are to be expected but nothing too intense to warrant anxiety. Our surgeons will also discuss safety considerations in detail during discussions, so don’t hold back any questions or concerns you may have. We will only proceed when we have your written consent. Some potential risks associated with lip reduction include:

  • Infection after surgery
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Poor wound healing

  • It is highly encouraged to quickly report to our clinic should any of these complications occur. Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo are both certified surgeons and can easily provide solutions to these issues.

    The Process of Lip Reduction Surgery

    The surgery is performed by Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo as an outpatient procedure in the Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery clinic. We maintain a professional surgical facility, complete with top-quality equipment and a calming and warm ambiance that is sure to ease nerves of patients. Staff are also friendly and helpful, so your safety and peace of mind are guaranteed.


    Prior to the conduct of your surgery, you may asked by our surgeons to do the following to prepare:

  • Undergo lab testing and/or medical evaluation to ensure no conditions could compromise the procedure and results
  • Quit smoking one month before the surgery and also one month after the surgery
  • Take certain medications or do adjustments if you follow an existing one
  • Abstain from taking blood thinners such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • The Surgery

    As an outpatient procedure, Lip Reduction is performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation. The treatment site will be cleaned and then a small unnoticeable horizontal incision will be made in the upper and/or lower, where the excess fat and tissues will be removed, reducing the size of your lip(s) to the desired volume to make it appear smaller and thinner. After eliminating the extra tissues and fat, the incision will be closed through stitches. It only takes 1 to ½ hours to finish the procedure.

    In some cases, depending on the assessment of our doctors and willingness of the client, lip reduction in the Philippines may be complemented by other surgeries including nose surgery and chin reduction surgery.

    Recovery and Recuperation Process

    You may come home after a few hours of rest in the clinic. Here are some things to expect and remember for your post-surgery recovery.

  • Expect that your lips will be swollen and mildly painful. Take painkiller and anti-inflammatory medications for 7 days. Swelling will subside in a few weeks.
  • Your stitches will be removed after 7 - 10 days. You can routinely apply lip moisturizers.
  • You will not be able to eat solid food because of the swelling. You are to eat soft and/or liquid food until you feel better and avoid acidic foods. Drinking alcohol and smoking is also discouraged to prevent complications.
  • Refrain from doing strenuous activities and exercises such as lifting heavy weights or objects for at most 2 weeks.
  • Your recovery period may vary from others. Some patients go back to work 2-3 days after the surgery. Others return to work the next day after the surgery.
  • Results from Lip Reduction in the Philippines

    Result of the surgery is permanent with a healing period of 1 to 2 weeks. It is a very rare case that individuals require follow-up surgeries for lip reduction. Once the incisions fully heal, you may notice a pink or red scar that feels tight to the touch, but eventually, this will fade and your lips will feel softer, thinner, flatter, and more visually enticing for the years to come!

    Lip Reduction Before and After