The face is usually the first thing we look at in a person, either during random daily errands or when in conversations with friends. It’s usually what we use for our profiles on social media and on our resumes. Put simply, our faces pretty much represent our identity and the identity of others, whether we intend to or not. Thus, it is only natural to want our faces to look good, youthful, and overall visual pleasing. Both men and women invest in skin care or make-up, while others opt for more long-term enhancements like facial liposuction, particularly for those who are bothered in seeing excess fat bulges in certain parts of the face, and just can’t get rid of them even with intense exercise and dieting! Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery offers a safe, speedy, and top-quality facial liposuction in the Philippines for any client who aspires for a reshaped and revitalized facial contour.

What is Facial Liposuction?

Facial Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that removes unsightly fat deposits from localized areas of the face such as around the jawline, cheeks, chin and neck areas, and the region in front of the ears. One of the common conditions for liposuction are those who have the double-chin or even the triple-chin while others experience sagging or weak jawlines, appearing either always tired or older than they actually are. Depending on the assessment of the doctors and willingness of candidates, facial liposuction can be combined with other procedures such as facelift, browlift, eyelid, or nose surgery for a dramatic facial makeover.

The Benefits. Why is Facial Liposuction popular?

Both men and women seek facial liposuction in the Philippines because of the benefits it provides and ease of the procedure itself. Quick procedure and healing plus lasting-results. Facial Liposuction Surgeries alone are minimally invasive and use small incisions and thus patients won’t be expecting any complicated long procedures nor a long recovery. The quickness of the procedure and the healing usually alleviates the anxiety and pressure and patients feel calmer throughout the whole experience. More so, incision marks from the surgery are barely visible once the healing concludes and results are for the long-haul. A youthful and rejuvenated face boosts confidence. Unlike with dieting and working out, one does not have to hope and pray that the regimen they strictly follow can target or include those stubborn fats in the face. Facial liposuction does just that, as the surgeon can operate on localized areas with unnecessary fat deposits and tighten the treated area(s). This change in appearance in a key area of our body is such a confidence-boost for others, and for some, it helps out with self-concious and sometimes self-deprecating thoughts. Like we always say, we heal through confidence.

Candidates for Facial Liposuction

While the procedure is quite popular, there are still prerequisites for interested clients in facial liposuction. Our surgeons, Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo, prioritizes consultations before proceeding with anything to understand the patient better and see their fit for the surgery, physically but also mentally. If you are interested to get facial liposuction in the Philippines, bear in mind that candidates must:

  • Be in good physical health with no serious illness or medical condition
  • Reduce or avoid smoking, as much as possible, before and after surgery
  • Have good skin elasticity and enough fat deposits
  • Have realistic expectations and positive outlook towards enhancing facial structure
  • Should I couple it with other procedures?

    This is a very common question we get during consultations, and while we generally put it as a recommendation, our doctors will still conduct a facial assessment to determine what you need and what you don’t, and develop an individualized plan for you. Usually, facial liposuction in the Philippines is combined with facelift, browlift, blepharoplasty, or nose lift, among others. Our doctors are well-equipped to perform all these surgeries but will also be honest with what will suit you best.

    Risk and Safety

    As a relatively quicker and less-complicated procedure, risks and safety considerations for facial liposuction in the Philippines aren’t that many nor serious. The risks include the following:

  • Infection or bad reaction from anesthesia
  • Asymmetrical skin
  • Lump formation (will eventually resolve)
  • Small scarring

  • We will only proceed once we have your written consent. Undergoing cosmetic surgery ultimately resides on you and your willingness to go through the process despite potential complications. Nevertheless, our doctors are well-equipped to handle the risks associated with facial liposuction.

    Process of Facial Liposuction in the Philippines

    Facial Liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure in the ACS clinic, a professionally-maintained facility with quality equipment for surgery, calming ambience for your peace of mind, and competent support staff. The surgery is performed by Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo themselves, along with an expert anesthesiologist. We make sure that all elements, from people, equipment, and environment are top-shape for your best experience.


    You may be advised to first undergo a lab test to rule out any existing conditions that could compromise results of the surgery. Our doctors can either prescribe a new medication, or an adjustment to your own, should you have one. We also encourage our patients to share any nervous feelings they have as emotional and mental preparedness is also important to us.

    The Surgery

    Facial Liposuction starts with the administering of medication, usually with light sedation and local anesthesia. Much like other liposuction procedures, it involves the use of a cannula, a small and hollow tube, injected into the treatment area, and connected to a vacuum to suck out the fat deposits from the localized area(s) in the face. The incisions are either intraoral or extraoral depending on the case of patients. This technique doesn’t require extensive incisions and will not touch any organs; thus you can expect lower risk of infections, less pain and discomfort, reduced risks of complications and rapid recovery time. Facial Liposuction, when conducted alone, usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

    Recovery and Recuperation Process

    You can go home and rest after the facial liposuction procedure is done and our doctors have made final checks with your condition. Please be guided by the details below for the things you should do and expect during your recovery:

  • To provide mild compression, a facial bandage will be placed under your chin. This helps speed up your recovery at home.
  • Slight discomfort for a few hours after the anesthesia wears off is normal. Swelling can be treated with an ice pack or a hot compress.
  • Generally, bruising and redness will disappear within a few weeks. Our doctors will prescribe painkillers to help reduce pain from the bruises.
  • Getting back to your normal routine depends on the level of soreness or pain you feel, but usually, it takes only a few days. Still, give it around 2-4 weeks before you engage in any strenuous activities.

  • For the best experience of facial liposuction in the Philippines, check out ACS’s top-notch After Surgery Care package.

    Results. How long do they last?

    You can expect the full benefits of this procedure in a period of three to six months. The results are generally lasting, because once the fat cells are removed in an area, the body will not store fat in the same place again. Still, better outcomes can be ensured when you still engage in a healthy lifestyle. As the dermal layer of the skin and tissues heals throughout the weeks and months, your skin becomes more firm and resilient, tighter, toned and rejuvenated - and in no time, prepare to meet a more youthful and vibrant version of you!

    Facial Liposuction Before and After: