Facts and Myths about Liposuction You Need to Know

Liposuction is certainly one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures all around the world. Even with the online advent of new and improved ways to enhance body physique, the popularity of Suction-Assisted Lipectomy, as it is also called, has not gone down in the slightest. In fact, Liposuction has its fair share of dedicated pages and articles online - too many at times and you don’t even know if they are produced and reviewed by experts in the field. If you’re wanting to get in on the trend, do it right! Read below the Facts and Myths about Liposuction, especially curated by Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery, a licensed and trusted clinic in the industry.

Defining Liposuction

Before we list down the myths (and facts!) that you need to know, let’s first define what exactly is Liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that redefines the contour and shape of the body by removing stubborn fat deposits in specific areas including the chin, neck, upper arms, chest, hips, tummy, waist, buttocks, thighs, knees, ankles, and calves. This is commonly an outpatient procedure and once fully recovered, clients enjoy a firmer, slimmer, and toned body contour. It’s almost too good to be true, we know. But Liposuction also has limitations and it’s good to take note of them to manage expectations and maintain a positive outlook.

MYTH #1. Liposuction is an Alternative for Weight Loss

Liposuction is widely famous for eliminating excess fats in localized areas, typically not responsive even to the most rigorous workout and diet plans. This idea somehow gives the wrong impression that liposuction is for losing weight, when it is far from it. The procedure is not recommended for anyone looking to lose the pounds and especially not as a cure for obesity. In fact, candidates for liposuction surgery must be healthy, of average weight, have firm and elastic skin, and ideally with toned muscles. Remember that Liposuction is a good compliment when you have done your part in losing weight or are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is not “an easy way out”.

MYTH #2. Liposuction is the Solution to Cellulite

One crucial addition to the weight loss myth is the misconception that liposuction removes cellulite. It does not and in some cases, may actually worsen these dimpled, cottage cheese-like bumps in the skin. Cellulite is not just any irregular pocket of fat. It forms when tissue bands between the muscle and the skin push fat into the skin, making them protrude slightly and unevenly. Since liposuction targets fats and not tissues, it will not give us the results we want.

MYTH #3. Liposuction is exclusive to Women

Absolutely not! Cosmetic surgery and its association to ‘beauty’ has somehow made procedures like liposuction appear to only cater to women clients. In reality, more and more men are getting the surgery as well, especially to enhance their upper body physique. If there is any difference between men and women in this respect, it’s usually the target areas. The usual treatment sites for men include the abdomen, love handles, chest, or under the chin area. For women, the focus is usually on the hips and thighs.

MYTH #4. Liposuction is only for the “Adults”

How old is ‘adult’ exactly? There is no age requirement for undergoing liposuction, meaning young or old, as long as you are healthy and disease-free (as attested to by a medical examination), and you or your parents/guardians consent, then go ahead. Obviously, as a surgical procedure with risks and complications, it is not highly recommended for kids and teenagers, but the case is not unheard of. The best way to approach this question is still to consult with an experienced and qualified service-provider, like our expert surgeons at Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo, to know your fit.

MYTH #5. Liposuction is Not Permanent

The quick fact is it is permanent! But let’s dig deeper into the specifics. Liposuction surgery targets fat cells in the treatment areas, and once these cells are sucked out, they are gone forever. However, it does not eliminate all the fat from the body and the remaining ones, in fact, function to shrink or grow, depending on one’s lifestyle. The lesson? Maintain healthy habits to maintain the weight off. You don’t need to slave in the gym or starve, but doing things in moderation will go such a long way and could even enhance the results!

MYTH #6. Liposuction Promises Strikingly Immediate Results

It’s certainly painstaking to wait but it is true that beauty takes time, especially for surgeries like Liposuction. Our doctors can remove the fats all at once and it is an outpatient surgery so you can usually go home right after. However, like most invasive procedures, your body will need time to recover properly. It usually takes a few months to fully see the results and obsessing over them can only be stressful emotionally and mentally. Take your time, follow instructions for healing, and most of all, be gentle with yourself.

MYTH #7. Liposuction Procedures are all The Same

As a fairly popular cosmetic procedure, Liposuction has evolved and is now performed through several techniques. Their applicability depends on a case to case basis which our doctors discuss with clients during consultations. Three of these techniques include:

1. Tumescent Liposuction which uses a sterile solution, infused with saline, inserted to the incision site to suck out the stubborn fats.

2. Laser-assisted liposuction or SmartLipo which heats up and liquifies the fat cells through laser fiber for easier suction.

3. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction in which the cannula inserted to the body uses vibration to melt and suck the fats out.

MYTH #8. Liposuction is Dangerous

Fair concern. Making permanent changes in the body with surgery is always frightening, especially when you hear or read about those ‘botched’ procedures. But there are so many other successful cases of liposuction and one thing they have in common? A qualified and skilled surgeon! Now, when we say qualified, we mean a licensed physician and a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Bear in mind that for some countries, if not most, any licensed physician can legally perform cosmetic surgery, thus we emphasize looking for one that has board certification. Our surgeons, Dr. Benjamin Alonzo and Dr. Benz Alonzo are exactly those and they have strong academic backgrounds as well.


Now that we’ve crossed off the list and confirmed the facts and myths about Liposuction, are you ready to go and get your body a contour makeover? Contact us and schedule an appointment for a consultation. See you!


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