Debunking Penis Myths: Sucking the Truth out of Lies

“The bigger the manhood, the better the pleasure, right?” We believe this fib has been made by those who have nothing to offer except length and girth. Are you also one of those who are insecure about their phallus down there? Or have tried several “scientific hacks” made by influencers on social media? Bought miracle enlargement creams? Tried jelqing (aka penis stretching)? If you answered yes to at least one of these, we made this article especially for you. To set the record straight (or maybe slightly bent, because that’s also a thing), here are six penis myths that should never be discussed again:

1. Shoe size is a great indicator of penis size.

This has been one of the most popular penis myths out there. Have their eyes stared long enough on the floor? What’s going on down there? Chances are, you’ve been checked out and they are already judging the size of your manhood. While this is a creative and interesting connection to make, it has no truth to it, according to research. In fact, a 2002 European study found no correlation between penile length and shoe size. Simply put: it has no scientific basis. The next time they’re asking your shoe size, tickle their minds by saying you have more to offer than just measurements!

2. The average penis size is at least 6-7 inches long.

… and if you’re lower than that, your sword is short. This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Dr. Paul Turek, a Board-certified urologist, the average penis length across all nations falls within 5.2 inches and has a width of 4.6 inches. As a matter of fact, 90% of men fall within this range and are considered the average size. So the next time you’ll belittle your manhood, remember this penis myth and stick to the facts.

3. The ideal penis is straight through and through.

This is another myth about the penis that needs to be debunked. Penises come in all shapes (some are slightly bent) and sizes (some have wider girth) and these are perfectly okay. Just as we come to the era of celebrating different forms of beauty, penises should not be disregarded.

4. If your manhood is small when you’re soft, it will also be small once the action starts.

There is a significant difference between the flaccid and erect penis size. Similarly, when you have a large penis when flaccid, there won’t be much difference once it is erected. Another study found that on average, there is a 47% increase in penis length when limp to erect, with smaller flaccid penises having a higher tendency to increase much more in erection size.

5. You can’t satisfy your partner unless your size is mega.

This penis myth is not only degrading but creates false imagery of what satisfaction truly is. Several studies show that alongside penis size, other elements can help you elevate your sexual experience with your partner, including clitorical stimulation for women and foreplay, for practically everyone. So yes, penis size matters but you can’t just put all your faith in it and automatically assume a great experience in bed for you and your partner. And the next time you’re doubting your performance because of your penis size, up the game by being the god of foreplay or even better, develop sexual intimacy with your partner by openly talking about your preferences in bed. A little communication won’t hurt and with it, you actually know what to do rather than assuming what will work and what wouldn’t.

6. Enlargement cream and pills, as well as the modern-day Jelqing, are the answer to increasing your penis size.

Thousands of false advertisements for instant and overnight solutions to increase your penis size have been spreading on the Internet. Most fall into this trap, and understandably so. After all, who would say no to instant changes, right? Have you also ever heard of jelqing? This method has been the new social media trend for the past year. It is a penis-stretching exercise that involves producing micro-tears in the skin tissue. Which is, allegedly, as the modern folklore suggests, will give your penis additional length and a larger-looking appearance. But all these are non-sense. The fact is that regardless of all these miracle creams and techniques, there is no drug that can magically increase the size of your penis. That is, except for surgical procedures. A safe, and well-executed penile enhancement surgery, is the only way you can increase your size permanently.

What is Penile Enlargement Surgery?

It is understandable to overthink about our penis’ physical appearance and its performance. While we want to promote a culture of acceptance and self-love, we also know it’s easier said than done, especially for people who develop psychological issues, probably experiencing unsolicited degrading comments from male friends or not being able to satisfy partners as much as they would like. If you relate to any of these experiences and are seeking to remedy your condition, the choice is all yours. And the answer to your problem? Penile Enlargement. Using the method of fat transplant or tissue filler injection, this surgical procedure can increase the diameter of a small and thin penis. An average between 3.5 cm to 6 cm enlargement can be obtained. Unlike creams and jelqing, you need a month of recovery before you can engage in sex when it comes to Penile Enlargement, but this procedure is guaranteed. In other words, it is safe and effective - as long as you seek the right service-provider. Dr. Benjamin Alonzo, our head surgeon at Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery, has performed Penile Enlargement surgeries with countless of male clients throughout his years in the business and in the industry, offering not only his expertise but also a well-maintained surgical facility, to ensure the best surgery experience.



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