Inclusivity in Beauty: Cosmetic Surgeries for Men and Women

  Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery      Wed, 02 Nov 2022

Societal norms may have motivated women into exploring and engaging more in the field of cosmetics, but times have changed. With the growing acceptance of gender expression and fluidity, comes the reality that men also pay attention to the way they look, just as much as women do. According to an international study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2018 alone, 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were undergone by men. These numbers are 30% more since 2000. These numbers are indeed proof that cosmetic surgery is both for women and men alike. There are a variety of reasons why men are now taking a greater interest in their physique. Our modern culture is shifting, aestheticism is given much more weight than before. Men are no longer expected to look rugged; clean, soft, and smooth skin is considered a plus. Additionally, the job market is becoming increasingly challenging: how one presents himself is given great credit. So if you are a male client looking into cosmetic surgery but have some doubts leaving you glued to your screen instead of booking an appointment, then this article might just help ease your worries.

Cosmetic Preferences by Men

The sight of men in a cosmetic clinic is now becoming a common sight, and just like their female counterparts, certain surgeries have also become ‘fan-favorites’. Here are the most common male surgeries:

  • Liposuction or getting rid of unwanted fat and the so-called “love handles” or “beer belly”
  • Male breast reduction or Gynecomastia surgery to create a much sculpted and masculine chest
  • Eyelid surgery or eye bag removal
  • Rhinoplasty or nose lift to enhance facial symmetry and overall attractiveness
  • Hair transplants since men are much more prone to early baldness than women

  • These procedures are obviously not all exclusive to men. In fact, except for Gynecomastia, which is a known condition for a good population of males, the rest on the list are actually oftenly performed in females as well, especially liposuction, eyelid surgery, and the nose lift. Differences can come down to the specific techniques by the cosmetic surgeon. As a potential client, you will benefit greatly to discuss these specifics during your consultation. Overall, the surgeries above all help achieve an aesthetically ideal look for men to highlight their masculine features, giving much bravado to their aura.

    Anatomical Differences between Men and Women

    While we emphasize the gender inclusivity of cosmetic surgeries, clients must also bear in mind that anatomical differences still play a role. For instance, men usually have firmer ligaments connecting the muscles and bones, potentially serving as an additional challenge on the surgeon in making cosmetic enhancements. Men also tend to have larger faces, most especially around the neck and jawline. In addition, vascular structures are much more common in men, putting them at a higher risk of bleeding and scarring. Men also have less bony support around the circles of the eyes, which increases the chances of developing hollow structures, being much more prone to eye bag development. Hence the previous fact of eyelid surgery being popular among men. On another note, according to the Dermatology Associates of Georgia, male skin tends to be 25% thicker compared to women’s, thanks to testosterone. Men also often have more collagen density – which is a vital ingredient in slowing the aging pressure. These facts indeed gave balance to the complexity of the human body structure. These anatomical differences matter to the type of cosmetic surgeries suitable for the needs and preferences of men and women. It is important to take note of this to also understand a cosmetic surgeon’s point of view and to determine the appropriate recuperation methods. Ultimately, different body types require different specialization skills and treatments.

    What Brings Both Men and Women to the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Office

    There might be a variety of reasons, but the overwhelming need to have more confidence is the primary driving force. Tradition narrates how women are much pressured to present themselves in an engaging and beautiful demure. Women were conditioned to display outward beauty, hence the unnecessary pressure. However, with the changing tides of time, comes also the additional shift of focus: men are now also expected to look presentable at most times from the boardroom to the bedroom. If you’re also starting to show signs of aging, chances are you’ll consider cosmetic surgeries now compared to when you were young. Modern society is now deeply captivated by virility. In hindsight, this also paved the way for a much more accepting gesture toward aestheticism in men. Masculinity has become more intrinsic, assessed more on how one behaves or his personality, rather than merely judging by the looks. Aestheticism and all concepts associated with it such as cleanliness, being put together, and color preferences, has become more fluid and inclusive. Thanks to this evolved societal mindset, cosmetic surgeries for women and men have now been widely accepted.

    Weighing Your Choices

    Excited yet? We hope we’ve gotten you motivated or at least relaxed enough to undergo your first cosmetic surgery. But before moving forward, keep in mind that all cosmetic procedures, whether you are a man and woman, will ultimately base its success on the cosmetic clinic and surgeon you choose. Alonzo Cosmetic Surgery is a leading clinic in the field, having performed hundreds of surgeries and garnering loyal male clients. Meet our surgeons today and learn more about how you can achieve a safe and guaranteed cosmetic surgery experience.



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